Virtual Program

Tuesday & Friday 5:30am - 6:15am

Starting February 2nd - March 12th

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Becoming Balanced

Take back control of your body and get back on track towards your wellness goals.

My approach is NOT a fad diet. With fad diets there is not wiggle room for life. You are left counting, measuring, depriving yourself of foods you love and losing weight only to gain it back. Fad diets restrict important macronutrients from your diet and push you to over consume others. It is important to eat a balance of all macronutrients in order for our bodies to perform at a cellular level. Ditch your strict lists, dos & do nots and let’s get back to the basics. 


When you learn the basics of nutrition, you will see that you can easily get back on track when you lose focus. You will see the value of food. Choose to eat foods to nourish you body and not your cravings. Change your mindset to eat mindfully instead of consuming foods without intention aimlessly. I will show you how to focus on quality of food instead of calorie counts. 

Hey, I'm Sarah

Certified Personal Trainer &

Nutrition Coach

I'm not that trainer that grew up an athlete or always made fitness a priority. It was not until I had my first son that wellness became important. I realized that I wanted to be the best version of myself for this tiny human.


The struggle began. Cycles of fad diets, quick fixes, you name it, I've tried it. All of the progress I made with these methods were temporary. I'd lose weight only to gain it all back. Sound familar?


Personal Training

Training specifically tailored to your skill level and goals. Virtual or in a gym setting. Coaching to avoid injury and build confidence in form/technique. All fitness levels.

Small Group Virtual Classes

Virtual small group training. Work out from your home on your time. 6 week program designed by fitness level. Commit to full program or drop in as your schedule allows. Accountability group with like minded individuals to stay motivated towards your goal.

Nutritional Coaching

Looking for accountability or guidelines to finally be able to achieve your lifestyle goals? Let me help educate you on proper nutrition to aid in weight loss, fuel your workouts and take back control.

In Person Fitness Classes

Covid friendly, limited spots available, small group in person training. Must reserve spots, drop in is unavailable at this time.


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